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pencil+ aluminum gunmetal

pencil+ aluminum gunmetal

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For those who are looking for a environmetally friendly lightweight all-in-one pencil sharpener, extender and transporter for their wooden pencils. Keep everything you pencil needs on your pencil including a handy penclip that you can use to unjam your sharpener. Finish you pencils, find your refills by finishing discard perfectly useable pencils. 

Available in anodised aluminium available in gunmetal providing extra grip match you Apple macbook pro or iphone while not showing fingerprints or scuffs. 

Tip: The pencil+ is a modular design, create a custom pencil+ by interchanging parts with other materials and colours.

How to use: 

  • Twist the bottom clasp open to extend and secure your pencil stub back to a comfortable length.
  • When you pencil tip breaks or needs a sharper point open the bottom clasp, remove your pencil and sharpen your pencil using the body of the pencil+ to have a sturdy grip. 
  • When the pencil inevitably breaks inside the sharpener and jams. Unscrew the sharpener from the body, free your penclip and use it as a pick to remove the jammed piece of pencil. Secure again the clip and your sharpener, resharpen and place back into the main body. 
  • When you are ready to travel or done drawing, open the bottom clasp again, flip the pencil so the tip is facing inside and secure again. Protecting your pencil tip so you are ready to draw no matter where you go, and protecting yourself from being impaled. Have you ever carried a pencil inside a pant pocket?


Comes in a metal clam tin, nestled in cork, all encased inside a cardboard box and sealed with a paper tape. An attractive, environmentally friendly, reusable purpose packaging

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