The swiss army knife for your wooden pencils.


Pencil sharpener

Carry your sharpener everywhere your pencil goes. No more need to have a pencil case, no more forgetten or lost sharpeners. Designed to be ergonomic, using the whole body of the pencil+ as your grip. When your pencil breaks, release the pencil and sharpen away.

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Pencil extender

Have you ever finished a pencil? Pencils are great, but overtime they get shorter and shorter. Making them harder to hold and use effectively. Make you wooden pencil stubs back to their original length in aluminumn or brass.

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Penclip transporter

Would you ever carry your sharpened pencil in your pant pocket? Now you can whenever you are ready to get going, flip your pencil inside the pencil+ keeping you tip protected until you are ready to use.

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The collection

Module design, parts can be interchanged with any pencil+




    “Ingenious Pencil Design Includes a Built-In Sharpener” – Leah Pellegrini

  • Braunprize 2015

    "It's a good design” – Dieter Rams

  • Elegant

    “Premium quality, as always. I adore the elegant yet simplistic design.” – Anne L.